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What Is Self-Hosting? Why Siteground Should Be The First Choice!

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Have you chosen self-hosting? Id like to take a minute to explain what self-hosting means. Simply, it means that YOU own your website! I chose siteground when It was time to become self-hosted, it really was the best option. I’ll get to that shortly.

Besides the most important detail I mentioned, which is that you own your website! Being self hosted means that you can make money with your blog. Yep, you read that right! If done correctly, it is completely possible to profit from your blog. Affiliate marketing and using advertisements are only some of the money making ways.

You have to Invest into your blog, to be able to profit from it!

So if the idea of money making sounds great to you, it is really important to Invest in self hosting. When I say “investing”, I don’t mean throw your life savings away! Definitely NOT. Well I guess if your life savings is less than 5 dollars a month, than you might want to stick with the free version of WordPress. If that wont break the bank than check out Siteground and continue reading for why I chose it.

Starting out is hard! At least, for me it definitely was and if you manage to not feel that way, congratulations!

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Self Hosted Lifestyle

When I decided to move onto the self hosted lifestyle, I felt like I was “adulting” in a whole new way! haha, I felt like I had moved into a professional environment and I needed to start getting to work! I had fears creep up and I had so many questions about WordPress! Make sure to check out this post on WordPress tips to make starting out so much easier! The fear I felt and how I got through it can be found here.

ask questions

It was a whole new world to me. I reached out to Sitegrounds customer service with newbie questions 2 different times. Each time I got an unbelieveably fast response, with a really kind person. They made sure I had everything fixed before we were done. By the way, not so tech savvy here and the simple instructions they gave me were perfect!

Now lets move onto the facts about why siteground should be your first choice

Google Cloud!

Siteground is now powered by google cloud! Yes I said google. They say that working with one of the most established cloud service providers aims to increase the speed and reliability of their platform even further.

They listed the advantages of google cloud.

  • State of the art network for faster sites– Google is known for maintaining one of the end most powerful networks. Using their services will result in a high speed for siteground websites.
  • Distributed storage for high data redundancy-They are using googles SSD persistent storage. Siteground clients data is now safer even in the rare occasions of a hosting server failure.
  • Easier scaling and resource management– Scaling resources such as CPU, RAM and storage on the server is much easier. This results in fewer idle resources and management overhead.
  • Multiple opportunities for new data center locations– Working with google cloud now gives them the opportunity to quickly add new data center locations outside the regions they operate on.
  • Strong commitment to carbon neutrality– Google matches 100% of the energy consumed by their global operations with renewable energy & maintains a commitment to carbon neutrality. Benefits the whole planet!

If that google cloud info wasn’t enough to get you clicking Siteground than here are some great facts.

  • Their clients have a 99.7% happiness rate ( I have to say I’m 100% happy )
  • 90% resolution at first contact …. now this means that they know what they are doing so if you are EVER having an issue they will be able to provide immediate help without wasting your time! ( I know my time is valuable and I can not get it back!)
  • 24/7 live help!!! now that is a relief when your running your own site! Not to mention multiple ways to get the answers you need… LIVE CHAT….. PHONE CALLS ( average wait time is 2 minutes) & HELP DESK TICKETS( Average reply is 15 minutes!) I contacted them and got my answers close to midnight!
  • They migrate more than 50000 websites a year and know how to make the process smooth and risk free! So if your using a different Host… Take the leap! its safe!

The lowest priced package still offers a variety of features you should definitely have!!!

  1. unmetered traffic
  2. Free SSL & HTTPS
  3. SSH
  4. Free CloudFlare CDN
  5. Daily Backups
  6. 24/7 support
  7. 30 days money back
  8. FREE sitebuilder
  9. unlimited MySQL
  10. FREE email accounts

Ready? Click here to get started with siteground… Hopefully this information has helped someone make their BEST CHOICE! Possibly even the FIRST time around. If anyone would like to comment and let me know if this information helped in any way. Id love to hear from you!! Liz

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