Why become a blogger

Are you thinking about becoming a blogger? Here’s why I chose to blog!

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Hello lovely! My name is Liz, just incase you haven’t caught that yet in my previous posts. Blogging is such a great way to use your voice. Inspire and get creative with. Welcome to why I decided to become a blogger! Real quick and off subject, I just think its so cool.I recently shared a post with new mommies about this awesome baby monitor. If this is you check it here … its pretty genius for a monitor.

Well back to why I started blogging, yes I am a beginner! Each day I get a little better. At least on days I have time! ( I will be discussing time management at some point, I’m sure). It is so hard to manage time when your a parent. Toddler parent I should mention! If this is you .. oh I completely understand. My little boy Jameson is moving his toys around the living room at the moment. Actually he is hitting them around with his sisters baton! hold please…. wow! that went a lot better than I thought, he actually put the toys back. With his hands! haha

Blogging brings out the creative you!

Okay I’m sorry, I have mom brain sometimes and I drift off topic. So, honestly I read so many posts glorifying blogging. All this financial freedom and family time! Well that got my attention. For instance, hearing some bloggers quit their jobs and travel with their family. WOW! I want that, why not me? Now doesn’t that make you think about it?

This is all sounding like a win, win to me. So why not try it?

I love to write. Hey , I never said I was perfect at it. Plus I would get to help people. yeah that’s a win, win situation! I do still work a full time job and I feel mentally and physically drained most days.


Just Have This Mindset

I want to set my own hours and spend more time with my family! It would be a miracle to have enough time in my day to take care of me. Some self love! Make money to do all the things I want to do, including traveling. All these ideas really started me on my journey. Obviously I’m not there yet but, I have that mindset that I can do this. I heard that was such an important part. I also heard stop stalling, stop being afraid, just try it!

Blogging Takes Work

I will be completely honest, this is not something you can set and forget … really. It does take work. I was slightly under the impression that it was going to be easy to make $4000 a month, no problem. haha! It is not. I do however, believe that if you have a can do attitude that you can achieve all these amazing opportunities.

More than a Hobby

I started realizing that blogging was not all about becoming financially free. This is a voice through words. A way to help people, or share interests. What an amazing release if you really write from your heart! This is something you have to enjoy or you will never make it!

Take A Journey With Me

So if your like me and want this change to work… lets do this journey together!! Lets help each other. I have done so much research already. I already started and did it with self hosting. Yes you have to get self hosting if you want to make money. I chose siteground. I am not disappointed, you wont be either. Find out why I chose siteground here.

Besides that post I recently had beginner questions and needed their help with something. No joke, their response time was extremely quick. I’m also really not tech savvy and they walked me through my issue with ease. I was really impressed!

Anyway Its time to wrap this up. If your thinking, I want this ,Than join me! Please leave me a comment and tell me why you want to start blogging. Or if you already started, tell me how its going as a beginner for you! Cant wait to hear from you **Liz

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