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The Simplest Explanation On How To Start A Blog

Attention: This is the explanation you have been searching for! You want to start a blog, right? Go ahead! The search is over, see for yourself.

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keeping things simple!

So, get ready because your about to start your very own blog. Now, to make sure you don’t go researching in circles (like I did) I’m going to include everything you need to know to get started right here! With links to posts that give extra info on certain topics.

Quick Question: Are you self hosted yet? If not, its completely okay because there are other steps you can do first. You’ll get your great deal and amazing service at siteground later. Make sure you check out the reasons I chose Siteground when your ready.

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Take it slow, you want to make sure your thinking straight. Starting a blog is simple but rushing through this can start you off with a domain name thats awful!.

Were You aware that it is recommended to choose a niche? That’s like a fancy word for your blogging topic. Please don’t overthink this too much.

Pick something that you know you can write about. A topic that you don’t mind doing the research on.

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Start taking notes!

As mentioned above, a niche is your blog topic. Its what you want to base your blog on. Example: Crafting is your main niche and than your “sub niches” can be Paper crafts, resin making , cricut crafts etc.. Those sub niches are all the different topics your main topic can attach to.

Now not everyone chooses one topic, there are a lot of successful lifestyle bloggers out there. Lifestyle blogs have a variety of topics. Example of this would be Mommy Life, budgeting, and Crafting. Just don’t go too broad, you dont want to confuse people.

Examples to help get you thinking!

  • Photography
  • parenting
  • social media
  • lifestyle
  • crafts
  • diy
  • fitness
  • business
  • fashion
  • makeup
  • mental health
  • how to
  • product reviews
  • home design
  • blogging
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get creative!

Overwhelmed with picking a “topic”? People all over the world are reading blogs and everyone is interested in something different.

So always keep in mind, your blog can be successful if you put enough hard work and effort into it.

Now, why is this lady talking about niches you may be wondering, I just want to start my blog already!!

I promise this will make sense. Especially when thinking of your domain name.

Are you taking notes? Get your paper and pen out if you haven’t already.

Write down the topics you are considering blogging about. If you feel that you could benefit from a lifestyle choice than do it. I’ve read before that staying with a minimum of 3 and no more than 5 topics work well for lifestyle blogs.

Domain Name

Now, its time to focus on your domain name. This is the name that people will type in to find your website. Usually, its what your website is called too.

The reason for thinking about your niche prior to this is so that you can combine your topic into your domain. That’s a very popular way to go about things and it definitely will help with SEO.

I’m throwing this out there because I originally created a domain name that was silly. All the ones I thought of were taken and I just went with something that made no sense at all because I was anxious to start. So, I had to create a new one.

An example would be if you want to write about being a mother and crafting maybe you want your name to be Craftingwithkids or MommyArtWithLove. Get the idea? It’s helpful to do this for SEO

Another go to domain is using your name.

Now, write down all your ideas of a domain name. It’s not all that easy because what you think is amazing, someone else probably thought this also.

Your domain name, in my opinion, should have .com. Its the most common so it will be easier for your viewers to remember.

  1. Think of words that have something in common with what you plan on writing about.
    • Try the dictionary or lookup strong and motivational words. This is a step I took to help get me thinking. Sometimes you just get stuck.
    • Focus on adding keywords to your domain *Helpful for SEO*
    • No hyphens and Try to stay away from having two letters together. An example would be Kidssmarttv, this could easily be misspelled.
  2. People sometimes choose to use domain generators.
    • Some name generators are Nameboy, Bust A Name, and namestall
    • These can help show what’s available and what’s already being used.
    • Purchasing a domain is available through most generators.
    • You can also get your domain through Namecheap, their name says it all.
  3. Once decided on a Domain, Its time for hosting.
    • You NEED to get Self Hosted if your plan is to make money with your blog
    • I mentioned siteground at the very beginning of this post. Read why here.
    • there are other hosting platforms to choose from, just always do your research.

You Are Ready To Get Started

Here is an option, you can purchase your domain name through namecheap or another of your choice and then purchase your hosting using that domain name.

Another option is what I did. I purchased my domain name through Siteground. It was easier for me to get my hosting and name in the same spot.

Siteground will automatically install WordPress for you once you click ok. WordPress is where the website magic happens.

WordPress is a publishing platform that creates great websites/blogs. Once you’re all set up you need to check out these WordPress tips. This will help you get started on your blogging journey.

Quick Recap

So, you have now either started your blog or got all the info you need to get it started. See I told you it was simple. Find hosting (siteground), get a domain name (namecheap), install WordPress and know what your niche is. Visit the WordPress tips post and follow it (pretty much in order) because it will help you get set up with the basics. Than just start creating your content!

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Blogging legally?

Before you hit publish on your blog, you’re going to have to get legal. Yes, your blog has to be legal because you can get in big trouble. Definitely don’t try copying someone else’s legal pages either that’s a big NO-NO! Please keep yourself safe and read this.

If you have any questions please ask. I will do my best to get you answers. **Liz