Blogging Legally

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Is your Blog/Business Putting You In Jeopardy Of A Lawsuit? Protect Yourself Now!

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I need you to pay attention. I mean it, this is extremely important! Are you Blogging legally?

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You could lose everything!

Chances are you have probably never asked yourself this question. Especially if your new to blogging. Or maybe you do know that you need legal pages for your site and your just struggling. Wondering things like what do I need exactly? Where and how can I get it?

I’ll tell you what you need to have. If your new to blogging or even if you have years of experience, these 3 legal documents are not optional.

Must Have Legal Documents

privacy policy legal
privacy policy

Privacy Policy. The privacy policy makes all the visitors of your website aware that you are collecting their information. You have to let them know what is collected and what you are using it for. Email marketing or whatever the case is they have to know! There are many other laws that go into making your policy legally acceptable. It should include a GDPR policy and many others. I don’t know all the legal jargon, but I’m well aware of this now, thanks so much to Amira, at a self Guru. Ill tell you more about her later and you’ll understand exactly who she is.

disclaimer legal

Disclaimer. This document will tell all the visitors of your website that they can not sue you for what you write! Example would be, if you say, if they do this, they will lose 30 pounds in 2 months. Now they didn’t lose 30 lbs. You gave false information, watch out! Your now in trouble. People will look for anyway to start a lawsuit, it is ridiculous! Do you want to make a commission on affiliate links? Well this has to be disclosed and more. Protect yourself!

terms and conditions legal
terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions. This tells visitors what your rules are. When this is written correctly it can protect you from people trying to steal your work. Those copy cats! Maybe you want only people over a certain age to be able to view your website. This also lets viewers know that you have the right to remove them at anytime. Again, what I have here is just a small example of all the laws that get rolled into your complete terms and conditions.

What Now?

When I found this out, I hadn’t launched my blog yet and now I knew I couldn’t. Can I get these pages done myself? So I ended up wasting days trying to figure out a solution to this HUGE problem.

This was days of me trying to find a “free” template or something. I hate spending money on things especially when I think I can take care of it myself. Finally I thought I had hit the jackpot!

I filled in my “free templates” just to find out it was missing half of what it needed to protect me! It was completely useless and I just wasted days, didn’t even write one post. I decided this was enough and I reached out for some real help! That’s when I discovered this legal bundle!

The Legal Bundle

legal bundle

I’m about to share my experience with these legal templates. This is only my opinion, but I would never post this if I didn’t mean it. I had so many concerns about getting this blog legal. I am a mother of two and I didn’t need the fear of losing everything! This legal bundle was the best thing I could have done. For instance, it included everything that I had mentioned above, plus bonus templates. So after I received the templates, which was like a minute, I got to work. Only 30 minutes went by and I was finished. Most importantly, I now had pages of detailed legal documents.

The creator of these templates (Amira), is a lawyer and she knows what she’s doing. Knowing that if there is ever an issue this is the person I have to contact is amazing itself. Such a nice person and her response time is on point. I know I didn’t go wrong getting this legal bundle. The only thing I regret is waiting so long to go for it!

In short, now that I’ve shared my view on these legal templates, I really hope it helps with your decision to stay safe. If you don’t need an entire bundle of templates, they come separately too. Also there are newer bundle deals that just arrived! Go take a look here. Get more information if you need. Share this post and help keep family and friends safe in this blogging world *Liz