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Too many mistakes on WordPress? Lets do a reset!

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WordPress start over, computer

At one point I did so much research trying to undo what I had done on WordPress, because I messed up . I mean I really messed up. When your new to blogging, mistakes are probably going to happen. Now I offer WordPress tips here to help others not make the same mistake! My entire site was in a language that I couldn’t even figure out! Yes, I did that and it was a huge set back. Before you continue, I based this information off of siteground. So if you do not have this as your self hosting, your more than likely your not going to be interested.

Help! Can this be fixed?

For that reason I wanted to start over from scratch, wipe it clean. Now I found out that there’s some reset plugins that can be used. There is also a manual reset too!

 WordPress mistakes, computer

I wanted to make this as easy as I could for all those that are learning. Really, because It did not seem easy to find to me. First of all, I felt crazy because all the information I needed was on siteground and WordPress. I researched in circles! Newbie…

By the way, I definitely want to recommend using siteground for self hosting. Not only because its what I use, haha. Its because they offer amazing customer service. You should Check This Out If you want to learn more about the self hosted service siteground.

Lets reset WordPress to default settings! This is only for siteground!!

The manual reset on siteground

  • login to your siteground account
  • do you see the my accounts tab? good, now click manage account
  • now hit the go to C panel
  • look for backup manager
  • delete all SQL databases (delete what you need to)
  • The Reset Plugin

WordPress Database Reset Plugin. I searched an seen that WordPress says that it allows you to reset your database. It could reset the entire thing or just what you choose.

Hopefully, this helped those that are struggling to start over! **Liz

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