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Money Saving Apps

Can’t Go Wrong With Money Saving Apps/Extensions. Check These Out!

Hey everyone! Today I want to focus on some top money-saving apps and browser extensions. As time goes on I will be adding to this post with anything I feel you could benefit from.

Be on the lookout for updates.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase. This post will contain referral links for certain apps. See the full disclaimer here. Thank you for all your support!

Now, I can’t be the only person that has ever clicked on something because it sounded straight-up awesome! Just to end up being taken to some website that makes no sense.

These resources I will be mentioning are real! There will not be a link to an amazing money-saving app that will take you to a medical insurance site. haha

Lets get started!


I just recently came across this. This is not an app yet! You can, however, download the browser extension.

Although I was skeptical about signing up at first, I took the leap and its actually a really smart system.

So you know when you buy a phone, for example, and it says 100 dollars mail-in rebate. Well, this offers the rebate without having to mail in anything. Just provide your order # within less than an hour and there you go, savings!

How to use rebatekey

  • Create your rebate key account here.
  • search for an item you would want on your account
  • when you find it, click on buy product
  • read the instructions that come up
  • check the box once youve read instructions and agree with the terms and conditions.

No Coupons! An absolute NO, this could get your rebate CANCELED

  • Click on buy product
Be sure to purchase the product through the website that the link took you to.
  • Now that you purchased your product, you’ll get an order #, copy it.
  • Go back to your account on the rebate site
  • Go to purchases unclaimed
  • Click confirm purchase and than put in the order # that you copied and hit confirm!
  • Sit back and relax. Your rebate check will be coming in 35 days!
  • PayPal is also available. 🙂

Now it may seem like a long wait, but its money that you would normally never see again. You get the product you wanted and money back! Plus there are even items with a 100% rebate. Making it FREE!


Mostly everyone knows about an Ibotta account.

If you don’t, well you are missing out! I’ll give you a quick run by of what its all about. This can be used online and instore purchases.

  • They are partnered with over 1500 brands and retailers. So more than likely there is going to be something you would normally buy on here.
  • There is pay through the app option now.

When this started I had used it at home depot. The cashiers thought I was making it up. Like I was about to do something illegal, I swear haha (maybe I was explaining it wrong). They went and got the boss, he too was skeptical but we tried and it worked! Instant cashback on a purchase I was buying regardless.

Basically, to pay with the ibotta app, you purchase an E-gift card. The exact amount of your purchase than comes off your gift card and you get the cashback credit on your account. Only available with certain retailers though, but is definitely worth it.

Sign up here today! 🙂

Rakuten (Ebates)

Here is another very popular and well known money-saving app. If you have not tried Rakuten , formally known as Ebates, you can sign up here. There is a special $10 bonus when you signup. After a qualifying purchase is made, within the offer period, you get the $10 signup bonus.

  • They offer great deals from over 2500 retailers.
  • Make sure you shop online directly through the link of the store you want to purchase an item from. If you leave and come back later, but not through the Rakuten link, your purchase will not count.
  • They have a cash back button you can download. This is a tool that finds discounts for you, without even visiting Rakuten first.
  • Earn cash back with online and instore shopping!


This is free to use.

You do have to give Paribus permission to access your email. If you feel uneasy about this, I have heard of people creating a new email to shop online with.

  • Capital One purchased Paribus in 2016 (The credit card and bank capital one)
  • helps get money back after a purchase drop
  • A purchase made online will be monitored by Paribus, if there is a price drop (by a company they monitor), you will know.
  • No hidden fees
  • Checks to make sure your delivered packages were delivered by the promised date, Paribus will let you know if your package is late. Most companies offer compensation if they promised a certain time and your package arrives later.
  • Paribus also notifies you when an item you purchased has a return date coming soon, just in case you don’t want to keep it.
  • Sign Up Here


Money saving awesomeness right here.

I personally love dosh, its on my android phone and I never even realize its there. Until I receive an email saying you got dosh! haha. Well your not going to get rich but definitely get some money back from certain places.

How it works

  • Sign up a dosh account here
  • Link your debit or credit card ( I have mine linked for over a year and have had no problems)
  • whenever you use your linked card and make a purchase at a qualifying store you get cash back in your dosh wallet.
  • Now when it comes to booking a hotel you have to go through the dosh app but like I mentioned before qualifying stores, regular purchase =money back just with the linked card.


I just recently started using this. I have it as an app on my cellphone and also as a browser extension on my computer. Honey finds you the best coupons for an item you want to purchase (if there is one). Best Coupons= money saving!

  • Create a FREE account
  • Finds you the best coupon for your purchase if available
  • Earn Honey gold with certain item purchases
  • Earn honey gold at 4,500 + sites
  • redeem a gift card for your honey gold, 1000 honey gold =$10 gift card
  • up to 20% back
  • They even have a bonus of honey gold offers.

So the end result is honey helps you save money on your purchase, lets you earn honey gold and than use that gold to get gift cards. Sounds nice.

Go ahead and check out some, or even all of the apps and browser extensions I listed above and be on the lookout for updates as I mentioned earlier. Let me know if you have a great money-saving way to add to the list. Thank you Liz

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