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Is Fear Preventing You From Blogging

DON’T let the Fear of Failure stop you from creating a Blog!

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If you allowed fear to keep you from becoming a blogger… Would you regret it? Always in the back of your mind would be, the what if questions. If you don’t feel like you would regret this, than blogging is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you would always wonder what if, than read on. I want to share my personal experience of that no good blog fear with you.

Have you read all those awesome blog posts, from all those amazing bloggers? You know, the ones that MADE it! Success story after success story just filling up all your Pinterest boards. Until finally, you decide its time for your success because this life sounds perfect! Am I right?

The Blogging Struggle Is Real… But Rewarding!

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So the I Can do this & I want this success bubble was hovering over my head! The only thing stopping me was myself. Before I changed my mind I got set up with a self hosted site. At this point, you probably already researched so many things about blogging & basically know what you want. Its all about taking that step. I took that step with Siteground. Click here to find out why.

Start my blog checklist- self hosting….check! haha yeah that was the easy part. Now when I decided to start this I had so many ideas. I could not wait to get started! Than the fear of failure started creeping in. Yeah that fear snuck right on into my success bubble! What the….!? All these great ideas I had were just gone. A massive attack of writers block and absolutely no creative spark.

Now comes the why did I even do this question. Its okay though, really it is. This will pass
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Eventually, 3 months later ( yep,”3 months”), of just wasting website space I decided enough of this and I just hit publish! I had just hit publish on ONE post, that a 3rd grader could have probably written better. OH MY! what did I do? I questioned my actions…

Have you ever read one of the main suggestions from “most” bloggers? The suggestion is to make sure you have a decent amount of posts before you go live. Usually the number lands around 10 to 20. That’s considered a good number to get started. What did I just do posting one? This may sound silly to some but hitting publish on that one post ( knowing I had nothing else to offer) helped my fear fade.

You got this!!

Putting my words out there was a HUGE step and I even pinned it! If I would have just waited till I had 10 or 20 posts I probably would have given up. Everything I was trying to write wasn’t good enough. Fear of failure! When it comes to blogging that fear of failure ties into so many things. For instance, Fear of investing money and not getting anywhere. The fear of having no viewers (No one likes what I write). Maybe getting negative feedback scares you.

That fear of failure can scare you out of trying something that could possibly change your life. Fear can keep you from opening doors you didn’t even think existed. I had the courage to write 5 more posts after that one(published and pinned).

Everyone does things differently. Again, if I would have done what so many other bloggers suggested and just waited,I would not be writing this today.

DO NOT let the fear stop you!

This could be the door you’ve been waiting to open!

If you want to blog to make money or if you just enjoy doing it…maybe both of those, why not? Than get started! If you have self hosting like I did and just cant started… Please message me, ill do my best to help you. Two heads are better than one! If you still need self hosting to get started check out siteground or my blog post on why I went with siteground.

Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve been having any fears with blogging or getting started blogging. You are not the only one & sharing on this may help someone else that is struggling. If you have no fear and just cant wait to get started, tell me all about it! Cant wait to hear from you! **Liz

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