About Me

Hey, I’m Liz and I am the creator of Create blog cents.

Create Blog Cents was created as a safe space for all women to come and express themselves. Its time to move mountains, ladies! Tune into your inner badass and get motivated! You are capable of success and a life filled with purpose.

With a beautiful mindset, anything is possible.

Welcome to my little corner on the web. As I mentioned above my name is Liz. Knowing that you took a detour to learn a little more about create blog cents is amazing. Creating this blog has been a vision, mission, and a dream of mine for quite some time now. Life experiences tend to change us and mine has brought me here with create blog cents. Continue reading if you’d like the short version on why…

I had dealt with anxiety since as far back as elementary school. The problem was at that time anxiety was not a big deal and a child couldn’t have it. Instead, I was considered a shy and overly sensitive cry baby. Unfortunately, my anxiety went undiagnosed until my mid-twenties. By this time I had been self-medicating myself for years and I was depressed. So much damage was done but I was not broken.

Today, after so much hard work and willpower I have a different mindset and coping skills. I work full time, have two beautiful children, recently engaged and I do not self medicate! Besides my own personal experience dealing with changing my mindset and dealing with mental health issues. I have been doing loads of research and have been on my way to obtaining my self-development life coaching certificate.

Create blog cents has been created to help empower women! To remind them that they are not broken and your mindset might be holding you back. You can be a successful and productive person!

Although mindset and success will be talked about often, this is a lifestyle blog. So stay awhile, learn a little, and enjoy the content here for you.

Thank you for all your support